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– Q : how much does it cost?
– A: it is not a cheap product. The total expenditure including all costs (product, accessories and installation) for our LCD system is usually well over EUR1,200 per square meter. Such expenditure may increase or decrease depending on a variety of factors such as the total LCD area acquired, any additional work, accessory or customization requested (remote controls, special controls , etc.).

– Q: are the aesthetic results guaranteed ?
– R. : if you follow the advice given by our technical division, aesthetics after installation is excellent.

– Q: is my privacy guaranteed?
– A: absolutely. There is no possible way to see through the LCD glass panes when they are opaque. Under certain circumstances of illumination and in the presence of persons standing in between the light source and the LCD glass, projection of shadows on the surface of the LCD may occur, but even in this case any chance of displaying further details is to be excluded.

– Q: what other benefits can I get, in addition to aesthetics and privacy?
– A: our system is based on the use of nanotechnology LCD, something that optimizes the use of the product in every way. For example, the liquid crystal compound used allows the rejection of both the infrared and ultraviolet radiation, thus making the product environmentally friendly and helping to keep the environments where the LCD slabs are installed proportionally cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

– Q : who takes care of the installation?
– A: we do. We can provide turn-key solutions including both the product and the installation services, thus offering our clients a unique reference point for the total satisfaction of their needs regarding this product. A competent installation team is willing and able to tackle even complex situations, no matter where the installation is to be performed, with windows and doors already posing or to lay. Alternatively, the installation may be requested to one of our authorized business partners: in such case, conditions and costs of supply may be subject to change.

– Q : is the installation price included with the per square meter price?
– Answer: no. The installation is the most delicate and critical stage in the whole process of delivering a fully operational system to the customer. As such, it requires a highly trained and competent staff, as well as an allocation of technical resources for the exclusive use of LCD system installation and testing, along with a number of conditions to be verified on site during installation. Such a remarkable amount of value can not (and should not) be included with the product price.

– Q.: do you sell small LCD panes?
– Answer: yes. The particular technology we use also make it possible to manufacture small or very small LCD panes (up to a few square decimetres).

– Q : is the pure glass provided along with LCD?
– A.: it depends. We can serve almost all types of installation: in this perspective, we can provide full sheets of LCD glass as well as apply LCD directly to glass or window panes which are already installed and without the need to replace them.

– Q : in case of an installation on already existing glass surfaces, which types of glass are compatible with installation?
– A.: almost all of them. Except for sandblasted glass or those glass panes with rough/uneven surface, the installation of the LCD PRIVAGLASS system can happen onto all types of glass panes (including shatterproof or armored/bulletproof).

– Q.: can your LCD system be easily damaged?
– A.: it depends. If LCD is drowned in the glass, resistance is high and only by breaking the glass you may deliver a significant damage to the LCD itself. On the other hand, if installed on existing windows, the system is much more delicate and we should use the same precautions that are typical for an LCD computer monitor. In these case, bumps, scratches, use of solvents or aggressive detergents for cleaning are all to be avoided to ensure a long-term use of the system in time.

– Q: what kinds of shapes are available for your LCD glass windows?
– A.: almost any kind. Thanks to a competent technical staff and advanced manufacturing techniques, we can provide our LCD panes in squared, rectangular, circular , semicircular and arched shape. For all these options (especially arched, circular and semicircular shapes), you must provide technical drawings with precise measurements of the various expected LCD applications.

– Q: what are the installation costs to be added to the price of LCD panels?
– A: the installation costs relate to manpower, personnel transfer costs, safe transport of the sheets , personnel travel and lodging (especially in the case of customers located far away from our headquarters or in case of complicated installations lasting a few days). On average, the installation of a certain number of LCD glass panes (overall surface area larger than or equal to 10 square meters ), installation costs account for a percentage varying from 25% to 45 % of the total cost of purchased LCD surface.

– Q.: how do I request a quote ?
– A: to issue a quotation we require extensive information that will allow us to understand exactly how a given sale and installation should be carried out. Photographs, technical drawings , floor plans, detailed description of the type of fixtures and glass to be used for installation, are absolutely necessary and can be sent to the email address of our technical division directly.

– Q.: why is so much information necessary to make an estimate?
– A.: essentially for two reasons. The first reason relates to the complexity of the installation process, which requires us to know the situation down to the smallest details, leaving nothing to chance. The second reason is purely practical in nature and relates to the fact that the LCD panels are manufactured according to fully customized specifications for each customer and, once they come out of the manufacturing line, there is no way to modify or cut them again without destroying them.

– Q.: can I use your LCD system to get a completely obscured environment?
– Answer: no As long as it is impossible to see through the LCD plates when these are opaque, they still possess a certain degree of permeability to light waves, therefore, this does not allow to obtain a total darkening of an internal room or environment in a building.

– Q.: is it possible to use your system for LCD projection ?
– A.: yes, and the results are usually very good. Nevertheless, there are a number of elements that should be carefully considered before completing the final installation, if the client has an interest in the use of LCD panels for LCD projection purposes.

– Q.: can you provide customizations regarding the electrical part of the system?
– Answer: yes. Our technical staff is able to exploit the PRIVAGLASS LCD system up to its maximum extents. This means that customizations related to the electrical part of the system are possible, such as different types of power controls, ON/OFF switches, integration with home automation systems and computer-assisted audiovisual systems.

– Q.: can you provide custom installations on furniture or cabinets ?
– A: usually yes. Final confirmation, however, can only be given after analysis of the documents and information provided by the customer for the purposes of project assessment and budget formulation.

– Q.: is it possible to apply your LCD glass to car windows?
– A.: while theoretically possible, this kind of application presents many technical issues and is not recommended.

– Q.: is it possible to apply your LCD glass to boats and vessels?
– A.: applying our LCD glass to boats and yachts presents fewer technical problems than on motor vehicles and such application is usually possible on confirmation of feasibility by our technical division (for which the transmission of information and project documents is absolutely necessary).

– Q.: how can I confirm an order?
– A.: usually, after providing all the information and technical data requested on your project, a price quotation is received by our client. At this point, our client decides whether to confirm the purchase order or not. If a purchase order is confirmed, the client sends us (usually by fax) the accepted contract which also includes a detailed description of the quantity and quality of purchased products and services.

– Q.: what payment methods do you accept?
– A.: the only accepted method of payment is by bank transfer for the full amount of the purchase contract. Since the LCD glass panels we offer are fully customized, payment must be in advance for the full amount of the supply.

– Q.: after signing the contract and making the payment I changed my mind and wish to withdraw, can I do it?
– A.: no. All sales are final and the purchased goods ( LCD glass panes ) are manufactured exclusively on customer’s specifications.

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