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our companySPECTRADOME is an Italian-Swiss company operating extensively in the field of surveillance and defense electronics, consulting and design of electronic systems : we operate at an international level and currently possess some of the best technology in the industry.

In addition to an extremely comprehensive selection , which extends from security and surveillance products to more complicated electronics, SPECTRADOME specializes in the design and manufacture of hi-tech products: the PRIVAGLASS LCD glass system represents not only one of our greatest achievements, but above all it is a perfect tool for anyone who wants to protect their privacy in everyday’s personal and business life without neglecting a touch of style .

Our product selection is unique in the world and we are proud to be able to offer our LCD switchable glass in four different LCD blends and virtually any type of glass make, ranging from ordinary thermopane to bulletproof slabs. Thanks to a competent technical division and an extremely skilled installation crew, we are able to provide complete turn-key solutions that include LCD glass and its installation in virtually any situation and even if ordinary glass slabs or windows are already in place, without the need to replace them.
We are accustomed to serve clients worldwide and our installation crew can definitely perform or supervise installations of our PRIVAGLASS LCD glass system all over the world.

Within this website, we have made available a detailed description for each of our systems, which include liquid crystal LCD glass , LED glass , holographic glass, multimedia windows and “see-through” privacy glass for one-way vision applications.

On the various other pages of this website, various photographic and video files as well as downloadable PDF documents are available to allow our clients an immediate evaluation of both performance and aesthetics of our PRIVAGLASS LCD glass systems.

We are available to answer any questions regarding our LCD glass system as well as the other systems in our selection.

Our company also offers resale and dealership opportunities for our LCD window and glass systems: additional information concerning affiliation and resale is available by browsing the “resellers” and “how to buy” sections of our website.

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