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MR-OFFThe PRIVAGLASS LCD glass system and its variants, are a technologically advanced and fully customized product available in fully customized solutions to all of our clients, from private individuals to large companies.

The following information is required prior to sending a fully customized price quotation, including installation costs:

dimensions (sharp to millimeter) and the required number of LCD panels or LCD overall surface;
type and thickness of the glass used or required for installation, with detailed information (including dimensions and tolerances) concerning the type of frames to be used;
technical drawings or renderings of the type of application or installation required with an indication of the intended installation environment (living room, office , store, building , etc.);
any required customization (kind of needed/available power supply or control, required home automation integrations, or, for example, if you want each panel to have its own switch to be controlled separately, or that all the panels get controlled by a single switch);
photographic documentation and address related to installation site or environment and fixtures present or that you plan to use .
The LCD PRIVAGLASS panels are adaptable to existing glass surfaces and also can be customized in almost any types of glass, depending on customer requirements.

Being the PRIVAGLASS LCD glass a high-quality, completely customized system (the LCD glass panes are completely “Made in Italy” and wholly manufactured according to customer specifications), the only accepted payment method is 100% in advance by wire transfer to our bank account.
We do not accept other forms or methods of payment . Each delivery of product or service is preceded by a thorough feasibility study and governed by a detailed contract that includes all the specifications agreed for the product and/or service purchased.

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