LCD switchable windows

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You can easily replace the ordinary glass panes in your windows with our LCD glass by simply removing your normal glass panes from the frame of your window and installing our LCD glass to turn your window into a stylish LCD switchable window.
After pointing out the exact size of the glass currently mounted in the frame of your window, just tell us the size and order your own LCD windows: they will be shipped directly to your door and by simply folllowing the included instructions, installation is going to be easy and will only require you to rely on a qualified window frame installer and electrician and near you.
DIY installation is also possible if you possess the required skills.LCDwindowon

Transformation from normal window to LCD switchable window is especially suitable in case of high and constant sun exposure of your windows: thanks to the LCD properties, in fact, the UV rays are mostly reflected by preventing the internal room temperature from rising.

Standard configuration for our LCD windows is thermo-acoustically insulated, double-glazed sealed glass with 1″/25mm thickness: additional customizations regarding type of glass, thickness, LCD blend and activation commands are all available upon request.
The windows are equipped with LCD tailor-made for the standard double-glazed sealed thermo acoustically insulated with 25mm thick : more customization regarding the type of glass , thickness, compound LCD and activation commands are available on request.

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