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We are constantly searching for resellers and exclusive distributors worldwide.

If you are a private individual or a business with a minimum base of technical skills in installing door/window frames and glass panes and you are interested in becoming our exclusive distributor or simply resell our PRIVAGLASS privacy LCD glass, please contact us immediately.

We have made the SPECTRADOME PRIVAGLASS system technology easily transferrable and we are currently in a position to provide you with everything that is needed to start an extremely lucrative business with virtually no competition in your area.

What have we got to offer? A LOT of things:

  • a truly unique hi-tech product whose assembly and operation are fully based on nano technologies;
  • outsanding profit margins
  • opportunity to minimize investments
  • opportunity to resell a complete solution (product+installation) to your customers, thus encreasing overall profits even more
  • all the reliability and safety that only a quality and professional system can offer.

How do I become an affiliate/distributor?
It is actually very simple: first of all, please decide if you are interested in a simple resale or exclusive distributorship status. While simple resale does not involve any specific commitment other than placing a purchase order under reseller’s terms conditions, exclusive distributorship means you get an area of exclusivity against a commitment which contemplates the confirmation of an immediate substantial purchase order and the meeting of a yearly sales turnover quota.

Second, you just need to contact us to inform us about your choice.

For both options and with the only exclusion of shipping costs, there are no other additional or hidden costs to be paid by the reseller/distributor, as we are going to take care of manufacturing and supplying the LCD glass panels to distributors and resellers directly, upon receipt of their orders.

We encourage all companies and individuals interested in finalizing an exclusive or resale distributorship agreement for the PRIVAGLASS customized LCD glass system to contact us by using one of the following references:

phone: +41 4450 87 068 or +41 4450 87 068 (Switzerland) or +39 051 051 69 89  or +39 051 051 69 89 (Italy)

fax: +39 06 233 123 54

email: please use the form provided on “contact us” page

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